“The Apprentice” was a scripted show

May 12, 2017
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ladies and gentlemen, I’m here to tell you that you have put a man in office who became a TV star as the “leader” of a scripted show.  your current president has absolutely no skill to run an entity as ephemeral and dynamic as a country. we are not a script to be followed. we are a living, breathing entity and you have picked the wrong man to run it.

the same thing happened with Richard Nixon and since you have forgotten your history, it is about to repeat itself.

On April 30, 1973, Nixon fired Dean and Ehrlichman and Haldeman resigned.

Subsequent investigation revealed that President Nixon had a tape-recording system in his offices and that he had recorded many conversations.

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This is my skin color and I’m sticking to it…

September 12, 2016
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this-is-my-skin-color This is my skin color. Because of this color, people try to inflict sufferings and afflictions of outrageous nature that take the form of every begging asshole within a 5-block radius coming up to me, asking me if I want to buy a ticket, a bus pass, some water, some pills, get cheated at 3-card monte or how about I help a brother out with some change, bitch?. Coming home on the light rail one evening, there was even a woman selling children’s clothing.  Looked as if the stuff was looted from some store in Ferguson.

The cops are never around when you need them.

Only time you see them is when there’s going to be a baseball, hockey or used to be football game somewhere in the vicinity of downtown or there’s a crowd of anxious citizens protesting somewhere or people are just standing around waiting to get shot.

If I was this shade of pale liter-shade-of-pale or even fairer, I could expect my commute to be fairly pleasant and uneventful (not including the day a brown-skinned human tried to get run over by the light rail train).

But, since I am this shade,this-is-my-skin-color, it appears that the people I meet seem to think (just like in the late 19th until mid-20th centuries when all black men were called “George”)  that I don’t have a name, we all look and act alike, my skin color means I don’t have feelings, can’t fall in love or pick a beautiful flower for my own enjoyment.  Being this shade, people try to make me and others this shade or darker believe that we are one step removed from a hairy ape, that the only emotion I can express is anger or murderous rage. Last time I checked, I can cry actual tears of joy and sadness, just like every one else.

Shameless plug for about crying.

GOOGLE search Lots of pictures of crying women

The story goes like this, apparently, this this-is-my-skin-color  chick could have been a prima ballerina, a singer, a famous musician’s girlfriend/wife or a former high school football star’s main squeeze, but only if she had been liter-shade-of-pale , even though this chick sat with this liter-shade-of-pale dope through quite a number of years of trials and tribulations, when this knuckle-head man needed someone to lean on and she gave him her shoulder. Apparently, not obvious to him, the feelings and emotion and understanding that went along with that shoulder. She didn’t hope for happily ever after and didn’t get it. He chose someone liter-shade-of-pale and told this-is-my-skin-color chick they would never be anything more than friends.  Really? I held her hand and told her to walk away and not look back! I wished I could come up with a plan to embarrass this liter-shade-of-pale fool and expose him for the selfish, manipulative, narcissistic son of a bitch he really is.

Oh well, moving on!

All things being what they are, being this shade this-is-my-skin-color  has taught me not to hang on to stupidity, make my way elsewhere and keep fighting this battle for my color, my life. Keep working toward getting the pale set to understand that I am just as human and emotionally expressive as they are, coloration be damned.

The lesson? Don’t chase after any this-is-my-skin-color or liter-shade-of-pale person who is no longer interested in you in any way, shape or fashion. Use your brain and voice to confront  people who say things such as “we’ll get along just fine because you do what you’re told” with a slight sneer and no eye contact.  I beg your pardon! We’re going to have to retract that comment!

Being this-is-my-skin-color, has absolutely nothing to do with the way my brain and personality work.  It has nothing to do with my ability to hold a rational conversation or think coherent thoughts. I was brought up in a city that was very unique in its’ time. I was brought up in a place where I was never told I couldn’t do something because of my this-is-my-skin-color . Matter of fact, it was mandatory that this not stop me from learning. There were no excuses that were sufficient for me to be a “slacker”.

Being this shade this-is-my-skin-color or that shade liter-shade-of-pale has absolutely nothing to do with any person’s ability to learn, adapt, thrive and explore and love.

Disparaging, disrespecting or putting down a person because of their skin color is wrong! It’s racism, pure and simple!

Kevin Hart, take note! I’ve stopped going to any of your movies, buying your albums or watching you on Netflix until you change your racist attitude toward brown skin women.