a town that cares?

November 5, 2011
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I keep seeing these articles online and in print about how STL cares about its’ people. If that’s the case, why are there women and children homeless in this city? How is it that someone can donate $100,000 for a bronze statue, but not subsidize housing or create jobs for so many out of work? What’s wrong with this picture?

If this town is so great, why are there so many homeless here and even worse, why are there so many women and children who are homeless?

How is that people can drive past “Hope City” every day and not see the conditions that people there are living under?

Who in this city has the funds to donate more than $100,000 for a statue with no other use than to be looked at and someday ignored? If this person has that kind of money to toss around, give me a couple of million and I’ll show you “how your money is spent”. Not only will I improve my life (currently no permanent job), but I’ll use some of that money to find the female residents of “Hope City” and really give them something to hope about!

Far be if from me to belittle the exploits of Albert Pujols swinging a bat for STL, but come on, now! How will that do anything to lift up the people living in squalor and poverty right under our very noses? Wouldn’t that money have been better served to feed, employ and even house some of these women and children?

And why in the world would you want to hold your head up with this kind of atmosphere? Why is it that this city seems to spend an enormous amount of time blowing its own horn about how “caring” it is and people like me remain un-, under-employed, homeless and hungry?

Put your money where your mouth is, find and maintain a building for working women with children, give me the money and I’ll find the women who need help and are willing to work hard to “lift themselves up by their bootstraps”.