Just saw season 1, episode 1, Luke Cage

October 23, 2016
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and I quote:

“dumb men like little girls. Me? I ponder a woman.”
I am a woman.

This is on my “wish list”,  my tramp stamp tattoo. Every man who looks at me and sneers would get an eyeful as I walk away from now on.

captain slow

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something of note…

October 8, 2016
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you can admire pretty and cute. you can’t admire smart until that person opens their mouth and you find out they’re smart. Cute can turn really ugly when it turns out cute isn’t very smart, kind or compassionate towards others.

A cute man or woman always seems to be smarter than they really are until they say or do something makes you realize they’re not. People really believe the cuteness makes them smart because they like looking at them or they make them feel good in some way.

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