Hans Weiman and Hair Club for Men — Not for the Nappy of Hair!

February 24, 2013

If you are a black woman and have waist length dreadlocks and your hair is thinning in front, as mine is, don’t bother going to Hans Weiman or Hair Club.¬† They won’t help you if you do not wish to adhere to their standard of beauty, i.e.; chemically straightened hair.

If you don’t have chemically straightened¬†or naturally straight hair, they won’t help you with hair transplants.

They both told me that I would have to cut off my beautiful nappy hair and let them clamp one of their “hair systems” on my head. Neither of them have the capability to working with clients with naturally nappy hair.

All I wanted was to get a transplant to the front of my head from the back and neither of them appear to have that capability even though their TV commercials claim they have doctors on staff who can perform this procedure.

Liars, liars, liars!!

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