Quentin Tarantino: A Little Hero Worship

December 26, 2012
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I would like to engage in a little hero-worship.

I would like to meet Quentin Tarantino.

I would like to hang around the streets of L.A., approaching starvation, just for a chance to met him in person.

And trust me, I don’t hero-worship anyone. It is not in my nature, I don’t care how cute you are or how great a jock you were in high school.

I would like to meet the man who finally confirmed what slavery was really like in my imagination.

I can’t imagine how in the world this man came up with the story I saw on the screen on Christmas day.,0,5034993.story

I don’t actually care that he’s a white guy. I do care that he was brave (or rich) enough to make just such a movie, tomato-throwers be damned.

Academy award for Best Director! I’m putting my vote in now! It would take that caliber of director to get actors to play the roles they were playing.

There had to be some psychic trauma for Jamie in the scenes where he was chained, gagged, hung upside down, naked (what a bod!).

There had to be some psychic trauma for all of the actors to play their assigned roles.

I was just sitting watching the movie, and the person in my head (that no one sees) was weeping and (yes) howling looking at the trauma these humans put each other through.

But you know what, I’d still like to meet the man who could have a pair big enough to put this magnificent piece of art up on the screen.

So, Quentin, if you’re ever in STL, look me up.

I get out to LA before I’m dead, I’ll be standing on a corner in Westwood Village or over by the Kodak Theater, looking for you to shake your hand…