an olympic moment

July 28, 2012
Leave a Comment Really Lolo? You’re in London at the frigging Olympics, on the greatest adventure of your young life and all you can think about is some dick and a having a wedding? Really?! I wish I was in your shoes, a lawfully wedded penis wouldn’t do me a damn bit of good standing out there on the ultimate world stage. Get a grip, girlfriend!!

30 seconds of political commentary

July 7, 2012
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Let’s watch Mitt Romney dig his own grave with a teaspoon. Insipid comments made by the poor little rich man! How about he come down from his ivory tower and shovel this shite himself for a while!

How come a dweeb like shrub jr can have 8 years to completely fuck up the country and Mr Obama can’t have the same time to fix this mess?

He’s got to do the same thing Mr Clinton did and will probably get vilified for it.

But I say, have at it Mr Obama! While you’re at it sir, ask Congress what happened to the other half of my 401k in 2008? My retirement has been completely tanked because the Repub carpetbaggers ran amok with other people’s money and then turned around and tried to help kill off an entire generation of boomers by kicking us out of the job market! Don’t you know the 50+ boomers are still capable of driving this country’s economy? If you put us out of work, you run the risk of killing the consumer market?

Ya’ll better recognize!!!!