Top 10 St. Louis’ Discrimination Tips

March 14, 2012
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  1. Lose interest in a subject when a Black person wants to share their experiences.
  2. Don’t be-friend someone based on that person’s shade of skin.
  3. Don’t speak to someone because they didn’t go to your high school or grow up in your neighborhood.
  4. Mistreat a dark-skinned person just because they’re dark-skinned.
  5. A black person gets fired from a job for dating outside their race.
  6. A black person gets fired from a job for not being “submissive” enough or for “challenging” white authority.
  7. Watch a black person get wrongfully fired and not say a damn thing about it to anyone.
  8. Keep changing the rules of the game/job/activity to antagonize the black person, keep off balance and doubtful; belittling a black person’s talent and intelligence to keep that person from being successful and confident in their abilities.
  9. Refuse to sit next to a black person on a bus or train or stand behind a black person while in line or refuse to let a black person go through a door in front of you.
  10. Companies spew bullshit about a diverse workforce; they’ve got a natural blonde, a brunette and a redhead, each of whom sports a DD cup and no taller than 5’ 7”.

And by the way, these don’t just apply for white people, black folks here suffer from “crab in a barrel” syndrome and do the same thing to each other every day. Some of us are just as bad as the white folks. If STL doesn’t let go of this bigotry and racist nonsense, it will always be a car culture with an inferiority complex. You cannot be a prosperous city when people don’t spend time being honest with each other and having a dialog on how to exterminate the mighty big elephant in the room. It’s been trampling this city into dust for more than 50 years.

It’s a shame…

March 8, 2012
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that Black women here in STL haven’t learned yet that they’d be better served if they spent more time helping each other instead of killing or hurting each other trying to get and/or keep a man. So many women here lie, cheat and connive against each other almost to the point of it having the potential to make a great Tyler Perry movie. I see women get pregnant, snoop, antagonize and verbally assassinate someone all in the pursuit of a meal ticket or a bed- or marriage-mate. We need to spend more time being concerned about how we’re being treated and not trying to suck the life and soul out of another human being. We need to spend more time uplifting our own and our sisters’ consciousness so that we can travel the world alone, if need be and be proud of being able to accomplish that goal. Men are wonderful creatures and have their uses, but having a man should not be the way a woman defines herself, nor should having babies, for that matter. STL women need to bring themselves forward into the 21st century by seeking knowledge, parity and independence.