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January 15, 2012
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Saint Louis Missouri is the last bastion of the persecuted racist. It seems to me that every redneck in the continental US is living here in STL and all of them are working together to run as many black people out-of-town as possible and especially those of us who are smarter than they are.  They do it by lying for and protecting each other even to the point of stealing thousands of dollars and getting people fired who should be promoted.

If black folks in STL would get their heads out of their asses (nix all that “oh woe is me” bullshit) and work together, we could force a change of attitudes in this town. They can’t fire everyone, especially if we learn what our rights are (the EEOC is a fucking joke!) and then act on those rights.

Wake up all you handkerchief head, field hand niggers! Get together, educate yourselves and then tell the white man exactly what he can do with his racist bullshit.

The Girlfriend Network

January 10, 2012

"the girlfriend network"Have you ever been seeing a guy and everything is going along just fine and then one day he comes to you and says he’s getting married and/or moving in with or seeing seriously some other woman?

Chances are, you’ve been snafued by the “girlfriend network”. It’s a group of women who get together for the sole purpose of fucking up someone else’s good thing. They do this because one of these chicks decides she wants to see so and so exclusively and/or married to so and so and this is where the shit gets strange.

All of a sudden, you’ve got women you don’t even know sneering and rolling their eyes at you and then you start noticing some other strange women following you around whenever you leave the house and your coworker keeps coming to your desk asking you what you’re doing for the weekend and eavesdropping on your phone calls during the week and she may have even went through your cell phone contacts when it was left sitting on your desk.

Then there’s the part where you’re leaving work one afternoon, and there’s this woman standing in the doorway and when you ask her if the door is stuck, she says “No, I’m just standing here not doing anything. You glance over your shoulder and the big Amazon woman who’s been rolling her eyes and smirking at you for the past 3 months is right on your ass and you’re sandwiched between these two women, hoping that the Amazon doesn’t have a knife or something sharp to stick in your back so you’ll leave her girlfriend’s man alone long enough for the network to complete its’ task, which is to pressure the man with stories about how wonderful miss thing is and how she’d make a good wife and the whole time all she’s looking for is to parade the “prize” man around town, telling everybody “hands off” and then it’s her turn to be smirking and rolling her eyes.

Ultimately, she really doesn’t give a flying fuck about the guy, it’s just that all the “girls” are after him and they’d kill each other for a chance to “nail” the guy cause he’s a  high school”legend” (give me a fucking break!). Which means at some point in “the relationship” she’ll “accidentally” get pregnant and the next thing you know, it’s a boy and the girlfriend network is going apeshit buying baby clothes and saying how “pretty” the baby is because the parents both have “good hair” and are “light-skinned”. Or better yet, the girlfriend network gangs up on the guy, telling him how she’s a “good” girl and that he should “make an honest woman” out of her because she “accidently” got pregnant.  super duper bullshit that is!

My favorite it the one day you’re on the metro train and there’s some fat-ass black woman talking on her cell phone telling somebody, that ‘she’s right here on the train’. Then she says ‘didn’t you say she has dreads and wears a red coat? Well, she’s sitting right here in front of me.’ Then the cow hangs up the phone and spends the rest of the trick hmphing and screwing up her lips like she ate something nasty. Then gets off the train at the same stop and stands in the middle of the platform like she’s ready to punch somebody out.

Crazy, huh? Well, I’ve seen it happen twice in my 20 years here in STL. The first time it worked and the second time, well, the jury’s still out because it remains to be seen how much abuse miss thing is willing to endure trying to land this guy.

FYI: if you’re seeing some guy and you want to spend the weekend at his house, but you have to get a girlfriend to take you there and then when the weekend is over and he’s fucked you 3 ways to Sunday, then drops you off at the bus or train, because he claims he doesn’t have gasoline or money to drive you home, guess what, girlfriend, he’s not interested in you except for the PUSSY!!!!