it’s all fun and games…

December 12, 2011
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It’s all fun and games until somebody gets hurt or killed. Then it’s “I’m sorry” all over the place. But you can’t take it back once the damage has been done or the hurt unleashed. Unleashed is such a pissy, fake word. Prissy even.  how about “caused”. unleashed implies no control and you certainly can control the pain and emotional damage you can cause someone to feel.

let’s start over. People nowadays just don’t care about each other. They want what they want and no one cares how bad or impolite behavior will affect someone or what emotional damage is caused because of said bad behavior.

And whatever happened to treating someone the way you want to be treated.  I’ve tried that my whole life and it never worked.  I always end up getting kicked in the teeth, or have my heart stomped on, or kicked to the street or some other trauma that I never saw coming.

and you know what, it’s all my own fault. if something happens once, it’s an accident, a second time, you’d better start asking some very hard questions about why does one spend so much time on people and things that are not worthy of that attention.

and again, let’s start over. what is this bullshit today from employers about telling stories in order to get a fucking job? tell you a goddamn story? why? what purpose does it serve? Can’t blow your mind with the truth, why blow your mind with some made up story that means absolutely nothing, especially if one doesn’t have any salable skills, professionalism or intelligence to get the job done the way it should be done?

I think it’s a conspiracy against the baby boomers by the gen Xers and Yers to put them out of the job market because there’s so many, they can’t get a foothold, so recruiters (mostly 30-somethings) came up with this bullshit about “tell me a story about the time you (fill in the fucking blank)! these gen Xers and Yers stand in front of the fucking mirror practicing spurting out bullshit and post that same bullshit on YouTube and when the bullshit is perfected they go out and get jobs that they really don’t have the skill set for and baby boomers, who are action-oriented people, get kicked in the ass and kicked out the door.

whatever happened to generational management, where everyone is treated as an individual, with unique talents and ways of accomplishing assigned duties. What is all the conformist bullshit about “tell me a story?”

I’d like to see Penn and Teller do a story on this on their show “bullshit!” and post it on YouTube…