A State of Stupidity

August 10, 2011
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In a state of stupidity does change begin with a whisper?

Does it really?

Here in STL it’s time for some shouting, fist pumping and name calling!

Black folks here need to figure out how to beat the system–not by robbing, stealing, lying or cheating, but by unlearning what they’ve been taught.

Stop yass suhing and yass ma’ming and speak up for yourselves–there should be hoards of folx in the now empty libraries–getting educated on what to say and how to say it; speaking correct English and writing legible sentences; learning the rules and using them to better yourself.

Here’s one beef: we need to lynch that damn rap music.  It makes our young black women then they’re only good as hoochies, ho’s, hookers, hypes or heifers popping out babies non-stop.

Our young black men thing they’re gangsters, greasers, goons and goof-off with saggy, look like shit-filled pants, dragging ass out!

Pull up your damn pants and go get a job!

Being educated is not poison, it’s a way up and out!

Folks here have been taught well, but not well-educated.

They’ve been taught snobbery, snipery, begging, borrowing, stealing and stoning. They’ve been taught to step away, step down, step back and step off — to sit down and shut up.

They’ve been taught bigotry, racism, prejudice and disrespect of their fellow-man.

Get together and learn:  how to do something different and better.

Get together and stand up for yourselves; speak up when you see a fellow human being mistreated, slandered and lied about.

Step out of that “where did you go to high school” bullshit and open yourselves up to “where do you want to go on the planet?” or maybe even to the moon?

Now I understand how Rosa Parks felt that day she refused to give up her seat on the bus.

If you engage in any behavior that is disrespectful of others, you need to be re-educated. Unlearn your racist or submissive, subversive behavior.

If you’re white and won’t shake a black person’s hand, you are un-educated.

If you’re black and you think another mere human is better than you, because of skin color, you’re un-educated.

If you’re white and you won’t sit next to or say “excuse me” to a person of color on the Metro or bus, then you’re un-educated.

If you’re black and don’t say PLEASE or THANK YOU, you’re un-educated.

Black folks need to get together and learn the rules of the game and when one of us is being persecuted, picked on, put out, put down, enough voices raised in protest will shut the assholes down. Enough voices/notes/letters in support will kill the current incarnation of JIM CROW dead, dead, dead.

Did you get fired? Was it fair? Did the company follow its’ own rules? Do you even know what the rules are? Go to the library and pick up a couple of books on the subject of federal employment laws.

Stop sitting around pissing and moaning about how bad you been treated — go get educated and un-learn all the handkerchief-head, dumb darky bullshit you’ve been taught!