The back of my head

July 23, 2011
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…you’d rather see the back of my head and not the back of my hand.

You are now reading the words of the last civilized woman in the united state of Missouri!

Today’s subject?


It’s a disease that is running rampant in the streets of St. Louis, Missouri. It’s the reason the city’s North side is mostly derelict, abandoned and burned down!

Powerlessness is the reason why people of excellence are unemployed while people of mediocrity are working!

Powerlessness is what causes youngsters to vandalize, break car windows and steal things that don’t belong to them!

Pathetic powerlessness is the fact that this city has a serious problem with racism, mediocrity, apathy and a dangerous amount of carelessness!

The media keeps touting the lie that this state is the most caring in the country, but you can’t walk the streets at night or drive your car or take a bus without some asshole trying to deprive you of your personal belongings, put uninvited hands on you, or going into your home without your express permission.

Powerlessness is the meth and heroin epidemic that seems to be taking over neighborhood by neighborhood across the state.

I’ve been living here since 1992 and the one unique thing I’ve discovered is that STL is a very mean-spirited city!  Having spent formative years living among civilized people on the West coast, it is something that reeks and oozes out of the pores of the people you pass by in the street in the city.

It’s being victimized, one powerless person over another for no other reason than being powerless.

A book I read that was written back when Black folks were considered less than human would be a blueprint for the way things are here!  The book? Hurry Sundown, written by K.B. Gilden.  It’s a two book novel and has a lot of appropriate content that speaks to the issues walking around in the 21st century!

A passage from the book reads as follows:

I been rebuked and  I been scorned.  I been abused and I been stomped. I been flogged and burned and hanged and shot. I have my eyes gouged out and my guts kicked in and my hands chopped off and my sex passed around for a souvenir. My women been raped from the Congo to the Mississippi, my children been slandered and slapped down and set upon and spit at. I been blowed up, chased out, jailed, chained, enslaved and robbed. And I’m still supposed to love the white man. . .”

As far as I’m concerned, love went out the window, when I had this idiot who didn’t know how to do his job, tell me how to do mine and when I took an exception to his inept instruction, he told a lot of lies to a lot of people and got me fired.

A good move on his part, because now “the last Black civilized woman” is ready to unleash her acid-tongued alter ego, M. Alicia Davis.

For a short period of time, I became powerless until I realized it was my responsiblity to kick, scream and fight my way out of that notion.  It was time for me to retrieve my self-respect and the courage and dignity I was taught by my people.

If what I’ve written has offended you, then perhaps you should take a very long look at yourself and your deep-down reason for being offended.

If it has to do with the words on this page and the color of my skin (which you didn’t know until now), then that makes you a racist!

Whatever it is that pisses you off, consider this: Powerlessness is what is keeping STL from participating in the big wide world right now.  It is why the buildings are falling apart on the North side and people don’t shake hands here, especially if it’s a black person and a white person! (what’s up with that?)

Powerlessness is why people who are Black and smart are always one step away from the street and people who are something else and mediocre are running things.  Somebody needs to step up and take a real hard look at the big picture, peel off the dead scab and get to the heart of the underlying racial divide currently killing this beautiful city!